Blue Water Group-Long Pond Marine Base Partnership

May 25, 2022

Long Pond Marine Base and Blue Water Group announce new partnership to support the offshore energy industry

CONCEPTION BAY SOUTH, NL – The Long Pond Marine Base and Blue Water Group are pleased to announce the formation of a new partnership to meet the needs of the offshore energy industry in Newfoundland & Labrador. Both companies have worked together for a number of years and are entering into a new partnership to support offshore oil & gas through all phases, offering a complete solution for the industry in one convenient location.

The Long Pond Marine Base and Blue Water Group partnership provides a full range of services for the offshore industry, offering everything needed to meet operational requirements in one area, including access to fuel, water, drilling fluids, laydown, storage, berthing, and emergency services. The port itself is located in an expansive sheltered bay with favourable weather conditions, and is designed for efficient operations, resulting in less standby time, reduced operating risk and lower carbon emissions.

Blue Water Group’s modern facility in Conception Bay South Industrial Park is just minutes from Long Pond Marine Base via the nearby multi-highway system. The partners are planning to grow in parallel with the offshore industry, meeting its needs in Newfoundland & Labrador and to help stimulate the local economy.

“We are very excited about our new partnership with Blue Water Group,” said Jim House, Long Pond Marine Base’s General Manager. “We worked together for many years to service the offshore industry. This new partnership will provide something really special and unique to the offshore and will bring the services we provide together to the next level. As we continue to evolve, we can really tailor our growth to meet the needs of the offshore industry. Our close proximity, coupled with storage facilities and the quayside, also allows us the unique ability to significantly reduce carbon emissions while supporting offshore operations.”

Blue Water Group is an integrated logistics provider, supporting operations in oil & gas exploration and development projects in Canada. Withmore than 50 years of leading supply chain logistics, Blue Water Group’s presence in Newfoundland & Labrador dates back to 1996.

“We’ve got an exceptional staff working in Newfoundland & Labrador who support current offshore projects and we’re all very excited about what the next several years will bring,” said Peter MacKay, Vice President Corporate at Blue Water Group. “It’s always been our strategy to adapt to the needs of the industry and challenge ourselves to continually improve. A key goal of ours, as we expand our capabilities, is to work with operators in a safe and collaborative way to reduce costs and impacts to the environment. Partnering with Long Pond Marine Base will allow us to provide tailored services to the industry as developments ramp up. It’s an exciting time for the offshore in Newfoundland & Labrador.”

Representatives from Long Pond Marine Base and Blue Water Group will be in attendance at the upcoming 2022 Energy NL Conference at the Convention Centre in Newfoundland & Labrador. For further information, please contact [email protected]